How you can earn 600$ monthly for 1 year ?

Hi, I am professional trader and developer and have my own company and making my own money. I was always attracked to free money and giving away, that i come up with software that combine more than 2000 Faucet (Free money websites) and connect all to your wallets with automatic withdraws. I dont want to share the software since we know that if software goes worldwide there will no be website who will pay because everybody would make big money. I limited it to the 1000 users who will use my refferal link and become my partner and taking free money everyday without working. You can see screenshot of ther software here on the right side.


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To make this real, here is screenshots of my earning in this month (April)

How i can buy this software and how much it costs ?

I am not selling software online, i dont want to share it big, so that everybody can crack it and use it , and we all lost money. So i am limiting it to the 1000 users, and there is only 257 places left. Price for the software is 50$ in any cryptocurrency. BUT FIRST you need to make all accounts on the sites above so that i am your refferal, so that we can make money together because you will get a lot of monthly reward from me since i am big customer to this sites with over 10 000 refferal in all. If you are willing to invest 50$ and change your life, please contact me on email :

For those who wants money for free, there is no better option than this, believe me, i am 10 years in crypto, making big money !